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Join us for this webinar series, in which we explore ways that people on the spectrum have overcome challenges to thrive in health care, community life, and more. Learn more about the series.

The next event, on May 22 at 2:00 PM, is the fourth in the series, which will engage experts in the field of autism, some of whom are on the spectrum themselves, or have children who are on the spectrum. This discussion will focus on the topic of healthcare. Our speakers will include Dr. Kerim Munir, Director of Psychiatry at the Institute for Community Inclusion and Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as a panel of parents and their children who have an autism diagnosis.

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Join us to celebrate 50 years of inclusion!

ICI @ 50

The ICI turned 50 recently, and we’re celebrating with our friends, partners, and community members. Learn about what’s going on and how you can be part of the festivities!

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Inclusive play spaces are great for all kids, with and without disabilities. Learn strategies for creating these spaces, even on a tight budget, in this guide from former ICI Crocker Fellow Helena Liedtke.

ICI staffers Dr. Heike Boeltzig-Brown and Miwa Tanabe have been busy expanding networks and partnerships in Japan and selecting the next group of trainees for our Duskin Disability Leadership Program at UMass Boston. Learn more about their trip.

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